As a lifelong horror fan, I've recently realized that what I love most about horror is the story.  And I don't just mean the story on the page or on the screen.  I'm talking about the story behind the story.  How was it made?  What were the creators trying to say?  Does that mesh with what people took away from it?

Therefore, this site will be dedicated to telling these stories.  I'll research movies, books, short stories, and anything else horror and provide regular "Book Reports" to share their story with you.  

A couple of warnings:

1.  A story doesn't have to be any good for me to be interested in writing about it.  With that in mind, while there will be some classics in here, but I'm also looking forward to talking about some world class, B-Movie trash.  

2.  This is REMEDIAL horror.  I'm going to do my best to give you some fun insights into horror, but I doubt you're going to find anything worthy of a dissertation on here.  So I hope you like crappy grammar and immaturity. Also, like any good student, I'll find a lot of ways to procrastinate which I will likely share with you.  Oh, and I'm totally going to cite Wikipedia.